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Saturday, April 24, 2010

AHB 8-wk followup + Side/Lateral "Ab Matrix Roll" using Stability Ball

First up: This is just a followup to the 8-week AHB DVD program I was doing. My camera is probably gonna die soon... There is a lot of color/light shifting in this video. Sorry about that! I only lost 1 pound, but think I would have done a LOT better if I was more compliant with both the exercise & food.
How I'll kick it up a notch: Will get ankle checked soon, so that exercise can be back at 100%. Will also experiment with food soon, keeping it as clean as possible.

Second up: The "Ab Matrix Roll". This exercise reminds me of the famous scene in the Matrix movie where Keanu Reeves (Neo) is dodging bullets... This exercise will definitely engage your core & challenge your balance! When I add this to a workout, I normally do 3 sets of 20 rolls (10 in each direction). Enjoy!!

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