My RCR Action Hero Babe Transformation Journey

Friday, March 27, 2009

Supplex, Cellulite, & Digital Scale

Brazilians know how to keep it SEXY!! That's one of the reasons I bought several Supplex pieces of athletic wear/clothing last year, plus they say it hides cellulite! I bought several brands ranging from Bia Brazil, Brasil Sul, etc... Anyhow, I also own some Bebe Sport clothing which I believe uses Supplex as well (it's a certain combination of nylon & spandex that makes the clothes very durable - fade & shrink resistant, or so they say).

FYI, I found a pair of white supplex pants hidden in my drawer yesterday... Ha!! When I first bought these pants, they didn't hide an inch of cellulite!! If anything, it MAGNIFIED it (deceptive marketing I'd say)!!... Anyways, I'm happy to report that the pants look so much better on me now.

In further news, I'm also happy to report that I got a brand new digital food scale!! ...Anything that adds convenience into my life is key! (especially if I'm trying to make the diet/nutrition aspect stick around for the longterm). :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From Action Hero Babe to Bikini Babe

The 10-week Bikini Babe Journey Begins!

Workouts might be posted in the Red Carpet Ready Club Forum... So stay tuned! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Diamond Dinner 3-14-09 - Special Celebrity Appearance

If you've been following me, then you'll know who the special celebrity guest on this video was.

I apologize for it being so dark... I had no control over the lighting. Enjoy!!

P.S. She's gorgeous in person, and so down-to-earth. I really wished she could've stayed longer. It was fun while it lasted. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Diamond LA Weekend

Okay, here's a sneak peek into my weekend!

Friday - Afternoon flight to LA... I had planned a morning workout, but didn't have time... Took much longer than I thought to pack!! My gosh, I was on one of the cool Continental airplanes... they had movies, music & games on-demand!! My flight was 6 hours long, so I watched 2 movies: Forever Strong (with the cute guy from the movie "Never Back Down") & Australia... I later went out for dinner with some of the Diamond ladies (and one of their husbands) to the Ocean Ave Seafood Restaurant (http://www.oceanave.com/). Although I didn't order seafood, the chicken was great! ... It was a long day, but I definitely enjoyed it!

Saturday - Yup, I woke up super-duper early!! But after I walked around for a bit, I was able to go back to bed for a few more hours. I later went to eat breakfast and chatted up with a few of the Diamond gals (it was later that we surprisingly met the fabulous LindaM at the breakfast restaurant area)! Since LindaM was also staying at the Doubletree, some of us were fortunate enough to fit in a quick 15-20 minute workout with her before the Diamond group activity hike!! At the group hike (which was quite a workout and probably lasted 1.5 hours), I also met the lovely Valerie Waters, Nikki, Mary Bess and the rest of the Diamond ladies (Ryan wasn't there for the hike). Honestly, everyone looked so good! ... After the hike, a few of us went to visit the Santa Monica pier and then went to eat lunch at the BOA Steakhouse (http://www.boasteak.com/balboa/index.htm). I also stopped by Lululemon to pick up some goodies. Honestly, I ♥♥♥love♥♥♥ that store!! (If it's one thing I like treating myself to, it's athletic clothing... I've got tons of Lulu & Bebe sport stuff at home - haha, you should see how "mad" my sister gets when she finds out I bought another piece of sports clothing).

On another note, I didn't take any footage of the hike/Diamond dinner, but I will say I had a blast!! (I know Val was having the event recorded though). P.S. Val was the *perfect* party/dinner host, Gavan was an *excellent* cook, and Ryan's a cool dude! I especially enjoyed sitting down and speaking one-on-one to Nerida Joy (even if it was only for a few minutes). She truly has great skin. I'm sure she knows it, but I still had to tell her that! We also had a special celebrity guest stop by for like 2 minutes (Val invited her, but didn't think she would've been able to stop by b/c of her prior engagements). The whole day/experience was just surreal. It was definitely worth the trip!! I also enjoyed the lovely gifts the other Diamond ladies gave to Val... It definitely made the trip memorable!!

I want to say it again: Thanks Val! You Rock!

Sunday - Flying back home to East Coast!! I really wish I could've staying in Cali longer... This was actually the first time I visited California and I would've loved to have visited some tourist attractions.

Diamond LA Pics

Here's a sneak peek of Diamond LA pics!

Before Hike
Me & Val during hike
At Santa Monica Pier
Me & Mary Bess at dinner
Jennifer Garner & Val

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fitness / Action Hero Babe Photoshoot

So here are my favorites... After narrowing down my photoshoot pictures *again*! lol... P.S. The photoshoot was a blast!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ BIG THANKS! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
First, I'd like to thank my photographer, Charles Calia, from Avalon Studios in Edison, NJ (http://www.avalonphotovideo.com/). His studio has a lot of experience in wedding & event photography/film. P.S. his work speaks for itself (but I'd love to know what you think!)... Contact his studio if you need your own pictures taken (don't forget to mention my name)! :)

So we had 2 photoshoot themes (Click images to view them larger):
  1. Fitness Babe
  2. Action Hero Babe (Elektra, from the movie Daredevil, and Jill Valentine, from the movie/video game Resident Evil)
... FYI, now that the Diamond journey is over, my journey to health & fitness continues! I'm hoping to get leaner & stronger! Watch out!

My Action Hero Babe Theme Inspirations:

My Action Hero Babe pics:

Monday, March 9, 2009

6-week Progress Report: My RESULTS on my Diamond Coaching journey

Thank you ladies for all your wonderful support on my Diamond journey!! ... The journey does not end here! (I have new goals in mind).

Stats from 1/08/09 (when I first submitted my stats to Val for my Diamond Body Assessment) to 3/08/09 (the end of my Diamond Coaching Journey):
  • Weight (lbs): -10
  • Body Fat (at resting point - Using Omron Fat Loss Monitor, Athlete Mode): -3.7%
  • BMI (Body Mass Index): -1.8
  • Neck: -0.25"
  • Chest/Back: -0.5"
  • Waist (smallest part): -1.5"
  • Waist (2” below belly button): -1.75"
  • Hips/Butt: -0.75"
  • Thigh (L/R): -0.63", -0.75"
  • Calf (L/R): +0.75", +0.75"
  • Bicep (not flexing) (L/R): 0", +.25"
  • Bicep (flexing) (L/R): -0.25", 0"
  • Shoulders: -0.25"
  • Hip-to-Waist Ratio: -0.03

Comments: I notice the most dramatic changes in my backside, side shots and on the angle shots. In the angle shots, I definitely look less "fluffy"... Now that I achieved my initial goals, I've got new fitness goals in mind (leaning down slightly, but MAINLY adding a bit more muscle - I like the *feminine* athletic look).

Photoshoot pics & video coming later this week... I promise!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

5-in-6 Progress Report, plus Quick Post-Photoshoot Report

K, so Saturday was the last day of the 5-in-6 for me... I lost 2lbs while doing it, not bad considering I've been eating clean for a little while now, plus I made some modifications to fit my lifestyle. Anyhow, on Sunday I plan to do my full body measurements, including bodyfat measurements, etc. For consistency, I will use the Omron digital bf monitor at the gym and I will compare it with the digital Accumeasure fat caliper I recently bought... Can't believe that Sunday is the last official-full day of the Diamond Coaching Club!!

Seems like the photoshoot was a *success*! My gosh I've literally been smiling ever since I left the photoshoot!! Anyhow, over 600 pictures were taken, and it'll take me a *while* to review ALL of them. I already took a sneak peak at a bunch of photos... it's hard to pick my favorites (so many good pics)! For now, I have to thank Charlie from Avalon Studios in Edison, NJ for all his hard work (http://www.avalonphotovideo.com/). P.S. If you live in NJ, he does a lot of wedding photography & film. He also has a lot of experience in other type shoots/events, but I'm sure he'd give you a special price if you mention my name!