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Friday, March 27, 2009

Supplex, Cellulite, & Digital Scale

Brazilians know how to keep it SEXY!! That's one of the reasons I bought several Supplex pieces of athletic wear/clothing last year, plus they say it hides cellulite! I bought several brands ranging from Bia Brazil, Brasil Sul, etc... Anyhow, I also own some Bebe Sport clothing which I believe uses Supplex as well (it's a certain combination of nylon & spandex that makes the clothes very durable - fade & shrink resistant, or so they say).

FYI, I found a pair of white supplex pants hidden in my drawer yesterday... Ha!! When I first bought these pants, they didn't hide an inch of cellulite!! If anything, it MAGNIFIED it (deceptive marketing I'd say)!!... Anyways, I'm happy to report that the pants look so much better on me now.

In further news, I'm also happy to report that I got a brand new digital food scale!! ...Anything that adds convenience into my life is key! (especially if I'm trying to make the diet/nutrition aspect stick around for the longterm). :)

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