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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Diamond LA Weekend

Okay, here's a sneak peek into my weekend!

Friday - Afternoon flight to LA... I had planned a morning workout, but didn't have time... Took much longer than I thought to pack!! My gosh, I was on one of the cool Continental airplanes... they had movies, music & games on-demand!! My flight was 6 hours long, so I watched 2 movies: Forever Strong (with the cute guy from the movie "Never Back Down") & Australia... I later went out for dinner with some of the Diamond ladies (and one of their husbands) to the Ocean Ave Seafood Restaurant (http://www.oceanave.com/). Although I didn't order seafood, the chicken was great! ... It was a long day, but I definitely enjoyed it!

Saturday - Yup, I woke up super-duper early!! But after I walked around for a bit, I was able to go back to bed for a few more hours. I later went to eat breakfast and chatted up with a few of the Diamond gals (it was later that we surprisingly met the fabulous LindaM at the breakfast restaurant area)! Since LindaM was also staying at the Doubletree, some of us were fortunate enough to fit in a quick 15-20 minute workout with her before the Diamond group activity hike!! At the group hike (which was quite a workout and probably lasted 1.5 hours), I also met the lovely Valerie Waters, Nikki, Mary Bess and the rest of the Diamond ladies (Ryan wasn't there for the hike). Honestly, everyone looked so good! ... After the hike, a few of us went to visit the Santa Monica pier and then went to eat lunch at the BOA Steakhouse (http://www.boasteak.com/balboa/index.htm). I also stopped by Lululemon to pick up some goodies. Honestly, I ♥♥♥love♥♥♥ that store!! (If it's one thing I like treating myself to, it's athletic clothing... I've got tons of Lulu & Bebe sport stuff at home - haha, you should see how "mad" my sister gets when she finds out I bought another piece of sports clothing).

On another note, I didn't take any footage of the hike/Diamond dinner, but I will say I had a blast!! (I know Val was having the event recorded though). P.S. Val was the *perfect* party/dinner host, Gavan was an *excellent* cook, and Ryan's a cool dude! I especially enjoyed sitting down and speaking one-on-one to Nerida Joy (even if it was only for a few minutes). She truly has great skin. I'm sure she knows it, but I still had to tell her that! We also had a special celebrity guest stop by for like 2 minutes (Val invited her, but didn't think she would've been able to stop by b/c of her prior engagements). The whole day/experience was just surreal. It was definitely worth the trip!! I also enjoyed the lovely gifts the other Diamond ladies gave to Val... It definitely made the trip memorable!!

I want to say it again: Thanks Val! You Rock!

Sunday - Flying back home to East Coast!! I really wish I could've staying in Cali longer... This was actually the first time I visited California and I would've loved to have visited some tourist attractions.


  1. Hi Danielly,

    Thanks so much for sharing about the diamond dinner. Glad you had a fantastic time, and so jealous I couldn't make it. Would have been wonderful to met everyone in real life.


  2. Thank you Libby! I wish I could have met you. It truly was a great weekend, and it all passed by so quickly!! Haha, my sleep has been a little somewhat off since coming back, but I'm trying to get back into the groove of things. :)