My RCR Action Hero Babe Transformation Journey

Sunday, March 8, 2009

5-in-6 Progress Report, plus Quick Post-Photoshoot Report

K, so Saturday was the last day of the 5-in-6 for me... I lost 2lbs while doing it, not bad considering I've been eating clean for a little while now, plus I made some modifications to fit my lifestyle. Anyhow, on Sunday I plan to do my full body measurements, including bodyfat measurements, etc. For consistency, I will use the Omron digital bf monitor at the gym and I will compare it with the digital Accumeasure fat caliper I recently bought... Can't believe that Sunday is the last official-full day of the Diamond Coaching Club!!

Seems like the photoshoot was a *success*! My gosh I've literally been smiling ever since I left the photoshoot!! Anyhow, over 600 pictures were taken, and it'll take me a *while* to review ALL of them. I already took a sneak peak at a bunch of photos... it's hard to pick my favorites (so many good pics)! For now, I have to thank Charlie from Avalon Studios in Edison, NJ for all his hard work (http://www.avalonphotovideo.com/). P.S. If you live in NJ, he does a lot of wedding photography & film. He also has a lot of experience in other type shoots/events, but I'm sure he'd give you a special price if you mention my name!


  1. Hi Danielly,

    Way to go on the 5in6. you are looking so fantastic. in fact you are just glowing. Can't wait to see the photos.


  2. Thank you Libby! :) P.S. Photoshoot pics are coming soon, I promise... It's just been very crazy/busy lately!