My RCR Action Hero Babe Transformation Journey

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prepping for the 5-in-6

Gosh, next week I'm gonna be super busy. I gotta get ready for my upcoming photoshoot AND I plan on doing the 5-in-6! Geesh! The madness does not stop, lol... Fortunately, I thought of a way to make the 5-in-6 less stressful. Above all, I've got to stay positive in order to succeed. I love this quote, "Fail to Plan, and Plan to Fail!" That is true on so many levels. So planning will be key for next week!


  1. Hi Danielly,

    You're into the home stretch now. Sounds like you've got everything in control for a great last week. Can't wait to see the results from your photo shoot.


  2. Just wanted to add I'm glad my comment posted. I've tried a few times in the last few days and it wasn't working for me.


  3. Hi Libby,
    Thank you! Like I said in the video, I'm kinda excited and nervous. I want the pictures to come out great!! :)

    I'm also stressed out by all the stuff I need to do separately for my photoshoot... From hair, nails, makeup, sunless tanning to hair removal... it's a little too much to think about right now (plus I'm on a budget). But I'll have to plan that into my schedule along with the 5-in-6.

    P.S. I've also had problems posting comments on blogger.com. Normally if I try to resubmit the comment, it works! K, have a great day! I'll keep you posted! :)