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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday & Challenges... Plus 3 Week Mini Progress Report

Here I am (Saturday night), prepping for Easter Sunday and talking about the upcoming food challenges. YIKES !... I made some mini cheesecakes (for portion control) and I also baked a sugar-free chocolate cake (I modified the original hershey recipe and it came out pretty good).

Here I am after all the food madness. FYI, I still ate about 5-6 times a day yesterday... I didn't save up all my calories for brunch or dinner time. Fortunately, I did get in a nice workout in the morning. However, I wasn't sure if I was getting sick or getting allergies (since my nose has been runny for the past 3 days), so I took two of my sister's Benedryl tablets around 11am. Little did I know that it would make me feel *super* sleepy. Bad news is that my alertness level was compromised, and I ran over a curb pretty hard and immediately got a flat tire yesterday (I was literally within walking distance from the dinner party I was going to... and I had a HUGE panic/stress attack since I was worried about how much this mistake was going to cost me ). Good news is that I have AAA and they came in 30 minutes and mounted on my donut tire. FYI, this morning before work, I went to PepBoys and had a real tire placed and mounted. My rim is still usable & safe... but it sucks since my car is pretty new. I'll just have to deal with that for now.

3-Week Progress Report: Ughh, I feel super bloated ... I MUST get back on track. (haha, reminds me of Val... it's a "MUST" and not a "SHOULD"). I took my weight & measurements yesterday and it gave me a reality check (I'm up 2 lbs)... I can't keep experimenting with my food! lol, sometimes it's best to go with what I know works... I'm going to continue with the heavy weight & body weight training for at least the next 3 weeks. I'm just going to have to monitor the food intake closer (as I've been a little lax the past week, and obviously it showed on the scale). On another note, I know I'm trying to gain more muscle, so my focus may shift more towards measurements and body fat readings (rather than just weight alone).

K, I hope everyone had a safe & Happy Easter!! Let's rock & roll these next 7 weeks... we've still got a lot of time left!!

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