My RCR Action Hero Babe Transformation Journey

Monday, April 20, 2009

RCR NYC Mini Get Together

So yesterday I met up with some fabulous RCR ladies at Central Park, NY: Lisa, Hailey and Laura. It was so much fun, and just motivational in general. Haha, I will tell you that we saw two really odd things in Central Park yesterday, but then again it is NYC, lol.

Hula hoop adventures in Central Park!! What more can you ask for?!!? Anyhow, we also saw 4 large walking & talking bananas yesterday. Haha, they were filming some kind of experiment... According to the girl, it was "International Banana Day". Haha, I think she made that up. Anyhow, in light of that, I did eat a banana yesterday with some almond butter as my first snack of the day (that was coincidentally before I saw them)!!

Here's a re-cap video of what happened yesterday (plus a good tip about eating while doing other activities). We had a powerwalk through Central Park and then went to eat lunch/brunch Sarabeth's restaurant (very lovely), and all of us pretty much ate Red Carpet Ready. It was awesome! After we left and went our own ways, I tried to hit up the the Capezio store so I could get new dance shoes... I was hoping they'd have some on sale, but they closed at 5pm (right when I got there). Anyhow, I still managed to stop by Lululemon (I just love that store - haha, my bf always makes fun of the name "lululemon")... I got 1 pair of pants that were on sale. Fortunately, they do complimentary hemming, so I'm getting them shortened for my length. P.S. I also picked up a few free pins... their new slogan is "SHOP NUDE"!! ... On April 15th, they just opened up their online shopping site (before you could only view products and not purchase them). It's pretty cool, but I prefer to check out in-store deals/sales. Plus I love trying stuff on!


  1. Sounds like a great day in NYC. One thing I love about the internet is getting to meet other like-minded people that you never get to meet in the REAL world.
    You are sounding so motivated and positive. I'm trying to make more time for reading motivational books as well. And definitely need to make an eating rule like you've done - I'm so bad at eating in front of the computer.


  2. Thanks Libby... I definitely agree - it's great to meet like-minded individuals with similar goals.

    On another note, I've been doing a good job of just focusing on the act of eating. I'm not allowing myself to eat and multi-task (for example: watch tv, read books, use computer)... I really want to get away from the habit of eating while doing those things - b/c in the end, it becomes a habit (and I don't want to eat mindlessly while watching tv, hehe).