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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

6-Week Progress Update Report (on Bikini Challenge)

K, ladies... I've got some good & bad news (I'll give you the tough news first)...

Bad news: my computer at home crashed and is no longer working (I wish I had a system restore disk - gotta get one)!!! Anyhow, I'm not sure if my SD memory card is corrupt, since the computer started acting funny after I inserted my SD card in. So for the meantime, I'm halting the photo food journaling and video journaling. Sad, I know!! I really wanted to post stuff yesterday.

Good news: I'm still holding myself accountable and posting in the RCR forums. Although I won't be able to post as often, I'm still going to post my food entries for the remainder of the bikini challenge (when I have computer access of course).

Anyhow, in case you were wondering, I'm tweaking/tightening things up with my diet/nutrition. How you say???...
  1. One of the things I'm going to do is start limiting my fruit consumption. FYI, I used to eat fruit 2x a day, but I was just reminded that fruit is really just a *simple* carb with fiber . I want to get more complex carbs into my diet, so that means trading in some fruit (simple carb) servings for veggies (complex carbs). I'm not eliminating fruit... I'm just experimenting to see how this goes.
  2. Also, I'm focusing on getting more protein into my diet. So instead of 3 meals and 3 snacks, I'm getting about 5-6 meals. I tried this on Saturday and Sunday and was able to keep my hunger at bay. I have no clue how many calories I'm consuming, but I'm trying to keep portion size in mind. Anyhow, I was surprised since I normally need to eat 6x a day... under this method, I only ate 5x a day!!
  3. I'm trying to eliminate or limit artificial sweeteners. I've got a few packets of splenda to get rid of (normally use it in my decaf coffee). I also chew sugar-free gum throughout the day... I think a few sticks of gum a day is okay, NOT a whole pack. So I'm trying to do that, lol.

K, here's my mini progress report:- I'm back down to the weight I started the bikini challenge with! Yay!! I haven't compared my measurements yet, but I will say that my bodyfat % has gone down back to what it was approximately before. Anyhow, I must be a little bloated, I think my waist measurements are slightly higher (not much).

K, I hope everyone is doing well! Hopefully I get my computer issues fixed soon. Take care! :)


  1. hey danielly, i've had computer problems too. mine crashed several times in the past month. luckily it's working again okay.

    anyway, just wanted to say i do just 1 fruit a day or sometimes none--i've got a meal plan that i can swap it for 1 serving of dairy or 1-2 cups of veggies in the afternoon. it definitely does help for those final "tweakings". at the end of the day though, all things in moderation--can't & shouldn't avoid fruits for the rest of your life.

  2. fwiw, i've found thru trial & error most fruit does leave me bloated.

  3. Thanks Mandy... Yup, everything is about trial and error for me. I'm learning what works for me too! :)