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Monday, May 10, 2010

Self Magazine Workout in the Park NY Event 2010

I hope you had a great weekend. Anyhow, the Self Mag event was loads of fun . However, in the morning I was at the Staten Island Ferry station when the ferry crashed into the building. If you read the news reports, then you'll know that dozens of people on that ferry were injured. I was not onboard, instead I was in the bathroom at the time, and whole ferry station shook. I'll be honest, I was scared since it felt like a bomb, and I didn't know whether I should run outside the building... I am thankful that I am okay, but at the same time I am praying for those that were injured.

Here you can see the crowds of people at the event. I took this video while waiting in line for a mini facial! haha, this line was long!! But well worth it (P.S. I even worked out a lil bit while waiting in line. Good times!! )... P.S. Super happy that I had sunblock on my face & a hat on! It got to be very sunny later on.

Mandy Ingber & I (ended up buying up her new Yogalosophy dvd... Can't wait to try it out!)

Sorry that it came out kinda dark. Anyhow, this is my overall recap of the event. Anyhow, in the video I mention the Vision Mat which you can order through yogamatic.com. Sounds awesome!! I thought it was pretty clever, considering you can see your custom Vision Board Mat whenever you exercise. Just thought it was inspiring.


  1. Great pics!! And wow, amazing how rough Mandy Ingbar looks up close....guess that could be years of sun damage? You look GREAT!!!

    Thanks for sharing all of this!
    xx MB

  2. Thanks!... Yeah Mandy definitely looks older in person. She's still a very nice lady. I wish I could've take her class. Regardless, the event was pretty cool overall. =)