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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smashbox Photo Event with Steven Khan!

Yesterday I attended the Nordstrom Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Event and got to meet up with professional makeup artists and celebrity photographer Steven Khan. Steven Khan has been working in Los Angeles for the last 14 years as a fashion and celebrity photographer. Steven’s wide range of work has been seen in magazines such as US WEEKLY, ALLURE, ELLE, and VANITY FAIR. I actually reserved my spot about 1 month ago... How could I miss this exclusive event?!?!

Anyhow, I got my makeup done by one of Smashbox's national makeup artistry team members... I was so happy because he told me I had great skin, and so my makeup would be easy to do (Thanks Nerida Joy!!). On top of that, he told me I had cheekbones to die for!! Aww, I was gushing by that point.

In case you're wondering, Smashbox is a pretty great line. I already own their Photo Finish Foundation Primer and High Definition Foundation. I highly recommend both!!

Well, here was the special deal for yesterday's event: Buy $100+ of Smashbox Cosmetics and you get to have a professional photo shoot with Steven Kahn. You also get to keep all your pictures burned onto a cd. The photoshoot is limited to 30 pictures, but they ended up burning all 73 of mine. I was so happy about that! ...I ended up spending quite a bit that day though because they had other Nordstrom events going on. I even bought a T3 tourmaline curling iron!! ;-)

P.S. My brother took behind the scenes footage of this event. So I might have footage coming up sometime soon. :) He's the guy you see in the photos with me.

Me and my lil bro!!


  1. Hi Danielly,

    You always look beautiful but these photos are just stunning. Definitely model (or on this case red carpet) material :-). Handsome brother too - can't wait to see your new videos.


  2. Oh how incredible!! You both look super....and how cool that you got to keep all the pics on a CD! I just love a good photo shoot....I'm really liking your pic #2 above and the one with your brother!

    xx MB

  3. Gorgeous pics Danielly! You may have totally sold me on Smashbox cosmetics! I love all of these images - really fun. Makes me want to do another photo shoot...so much fun.

  4. Thanks ladies!! I had a great time at this event. Totally worth it... Anyhow, I went in knowing that I already love their Smashbox Foundation primer and HD foundation. I was interested in trying out new products and getting a mini photo shoot...

    P.S. the makeup artist gave me a really great tip: apply concealer OVER your foundation, otherwise it can be too obvious. Haha, and all these years, I've done it the other way around! I also loved their eye lid primer... It holds on to your eye shadow color sooooooooooo much better.