My RCR Action Hero Babe Transformation Journey

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Kitchen... The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. PLUS Spice Rack Tip!

This video starts out with the phrase "EAT SITTING DOWN!!!!"... I can't stress that enough, since it helps you from eating mindlessly while standing around in the kitchen. K, as you can see, we've got our shelves stocked, but we need more cabinet space! At least I got my recipes all nicely organized! :) ... Don't you just love a home cooked meal??

Hit up the International Food Aisle! You might be surprised on how much you can save!


  1. Hi Danielly,

    What a great job you're doing with your videos. Loved the tour of the kitchen - and I thought I had a lot of groceries :-). You sound so organised and ready to kick butt with the Diamond Club.
    Also wanted to add you look great in your before photos so you are going to be absolutely amazing in your afters.


  2. Aww, thanks Libby! I'm pretty happy with how I look now, but I've always wondered if I could take it to the next level of fitness... I'm not giving up on getting my dream body. I'm definitely going to continue this path and see where the journey takes me! :)