My RCR Action Hero Babe Transformation Journey

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pre-Diamond Journey Results (5-lbs down)! ... 6 more weeks to go!

K, today I'm starting the Red Carpet Ready Diamond Coaching Club and I've got 6 weeks left to see some results!!... Since January 8, 2009, I've had some time to clean up my food and manage my workouts... Just wanted to share my "PRE-DIAMOND" club results that I achieved in about 2.5 weeks! :)

Gosh, don't mind me... In the video, I just came back from the gym -all sweaty and without makeup. lol

My #1 tip: Keep yourself accountable... Keep a detailed food & exercise journal -let others see it on a regular basis to provide you with feedback. Also Plan, Plan and PLAN!! It might seem like a chore at first, but it eventually becomes a habit and ultimately, it's the ONLY strategy that keeps you on track!!

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