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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Secret Ploys to Keep you FAT at the gym! Plus importance of Pre-workout Nutrition.

K, so here I am... arriving at my gym. Isn't it amazing how many places take advantage of hungry gym-goers? The fact of the matter is that this gym was built at the same time these fast-food joints opened... Secret Ploy?? Most definitely!

Just think about it if you don't plan your food ahead, you're gonna keep eating at these conveniently located food locales. It's also going to keep you FAT and ensure that you continue to go to the gym! Worst of all, It's an endless cycle, and it keeps both businesses happy as you continuously spend and use their services! So next time you're at your gym... just look around and see which businesses are trying to profit from unprepared gym-goers! Please keep in mind, this cycle CAN be broken if you simply have some sort of meal/game plan in mind before hitting the gym! :)

Moreover, in the second half of this video, I want to point out the importance of pre-workout nutrition. Last night, I would've done 40-45 minutes of cardio but I didn't have the energy... Normally I workout after a nice meal, but apparently my small pre-workout snack wasn't enough to hold me over. By the time I finished my 25 minutes, I had a MASSIVE headache! Of course, everybody is different I just know that my body requires more food prior to working out.

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